The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine - Sleep Study

Cervical Pain: A Comparison Of Three Pillows
The Study

The study involved 46 subjects with neck pain who were evaluated over a 5-week period. Participants used three types of pillows: the standard pillow, a roll pillow, and the Mediflow Water Pillow. To assess the effectiveness of each pillow, researchers measured pain intensity, pain relief, sleep quality, and daily function using visual analog scales, diaries, and questionnaires.

Key Findings

  1. Pain Relief and Intensity: The Mediflow Water Pillow consistently outperformed the other pillows, showing significant improvements in pain relief and morning pain intensity scores. Participants reported experiencing less pain in the morning when using the water pillow compared to the roll and standard pillows.
  2. Sleep Quality: The water-based pillow demonstrated superior sleep quality. Users of the Mediflow Water Pillow reported better overall sleep quality and perceived their sleep to be closer to normal compared to those using the standard or roll pillows.
  3. Satisfaction: The Mediflow Water Pillow received the highest satisfaction score among the three pillows. Many participants expressed satisfaction with the water pillow, highlighting its effectiveness in providing comfort and support during sleep.
  4. Impact on Daily Function: The water-based pillow showed lower sickness impact scores, indicating positive effects on daily functioning, including sleep, rest, and home management.

Advantages of the Mediflow Water Pillow

  1. Customizable Support: The Mediflow Water Pillow allows you to adjust the water volume, providing personalized support that conforms to the shape and position of your head and neck. This feature ensures optimal alignment and reduces strain on the neck muscles.
  2. Pain Relief: The water pillow's ability to distribute weight evenly and dampen movement between the head and the water-filled pouch offers effective pain relief. It may help alleviate morning neck pain and cervicogenic headaches.
  3. Sleep Quality Improvement: The Mediflow Water Pillow's design promotes better sleep quality by adapting to your movements throughout the night, reducing disturbances and allowing for uninterrupted sleep.


Based on the clinical study conducted by Johns Hopkins University, the Mediflow Water Pillow has demonstrated its effectiveness in providing pain relief, improving sleep quality, and achieving high levels of customer satisfaction. However, it is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice tailored to your specific condition.


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