Our Story

The Invention; Need is the Mother of Inventions

The unfortunate events that occurred to Mediflow's founder, Maurice Bard, changed the course of your sleep for the better!

  1. Black Ice on an icy bridge
  2. A car crash and whiplash injury
  3. A hot water bottle used to relax neck muscles 
  4. Serendipity, the water bottle ends up underneath my pillow 

“That feels kind of nice ~ my pillow is floating on my hot water bottle and... that feels kind of good and pretty comfortable too!” – Maurice Bard



-Maurice Bard

The Eureka Moment; A Floating Pillow Feels Good 

Inventor Maurice Bard spends the next year trying to engineer a pillow that could hold a water bottle where the consumer could adjust the amount of water required for personal comfort.

  • Working with scientists and engineers his team came up with the perfect adjustable water pouch surrounding the pouch with an insulated blanket and basically sewing it to the bottom of the traditional fiber pillow and that is how the water pillow was invented 

The Creation of The Water Pillow by Mediflow

The pillow was great for neck pain that was the one thing Maurice Bard knew for sure based on having relieved his whiplash injury. The medical community agreed with him so Maurice turned to the medical and chiropractic community that treated neck pain and built his business with their support and Mediflow was formed to serve the healthcare market. Mediflow now supplies pillows to over 10,000 health care clinics.

floating pillow

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; The big breakthrough 

Medical doctors at the world-famous Johns Hopkins School of Medicine were using the pillow to treat patients suffering from headaches attributed to neck problems and they decided to study the effects of the Water Pillow by Mediflow on neck pain patients and also test the pillow to see if it improved quality of sleep and the medical researchers concluded and published that in fact, the Water Pillow by Mediflow reduced neck pain and improved quality of sleep. The Johns Hopkins study was published in the prestigious peer-review medical journal Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Mediflow became known in the medical and chiropractic community around the world as the pillow that improves sleep and reduces neck pain.


5,000,000 water pillows later and still growing strong The Water Pillow by Mediflow is now sold in over 40 countries around the globe and has ranked #1 best selling pillow on 6 Amazon international platforms including the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, France and China with 4+ star reviews internationally!