Clinically Shown to Improve Quality of Sleep.

Clinical study conducted at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

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The Only Pillow With Scientific Proof!

Clinically proven* to improve quality of sleep and reduce neck pain.

* Study conducted at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.
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A Good Night's Sleep Without Waking Up!

Fully adjustable Waterbase supports and aligns itself to the weight of your head, neck, and shoulders, even when you change positions during sleep.


"Best Pillow Ever!"

"I have been searching for the perfect pillow for years, and this is the best so far. I like a soft pillow with good support that stays cool. Kinda like looking for a unicorn. After a month or so, this pillow is checking all the boxes. My morning neck pain has gone away. I sleep on my side, back and stomach throughout the night, and this pillow feels good in any position. Highly recommend!"


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Provides Superior Comfort:
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Reduces Neck Pain

Improves Quality of Sleep


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Clinically Proven Waterbase Technology™

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine concluded that The Water Pillow by Mediflow significantly reduced neck pain and improved quality of sleep.

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