Top 10 Tips for Better Sleep

Top 10 Tips for Better Sleep

In addition to using The Water Pillow by Mediflow (which is clinically proven to improve quality of sleep) try out these top 10 tips.

You will be sleeping better in no time! 

1. Ease into sleep.  Develop a calming pre-sleep routine, such as soaking in a hot or warm bath before bed. Dim the lights and use the routine as a relaxing ritual that leads directly to bed and sleep. This will help you unwind and leave the stress and anxieties of the day behind.

2. Examine your bed. Take a good look at your mattress and pillows. Are they in good condition, or is it time for new ones? If they are no longer giving you the comfort and support you need, replace them right away. 

3. Work out, sleep better.  Perhaps most importantly: try to exercise helps to relieve stress and promotes good circulation and tissues. Regular exercise also can improve your health by reducing your weight, which promotes better sleep at night. 

4. No noise allowed. A good night's sleep starts with eliminating as much noise as possible from your room. If you have a partner who snores, noisy neighbors or a lour air conditioner, try earplugs or a noise machine. 

5. Limit alcohol before bedtime.  Avoid heavy meals and alcoholic drinks for two to three hours before bedtime. Although food or alcohol can make you drowsy, you may experience less restful sleep or wake up during the night with indigestion. 

6. Unwind with a good book.  Keep a good book by your bed, and read it each night until you feel tired. This helps to occupy your mind and easy any stress or worries you may have. You'll have yourself yawning in no time!

7. Stay cool and comfortable.  For optimal sleep, try setting the temperature in your room at 65F or cooler, and use blankets or sheets to stay comfortable. For most people, the bedroom should be kept cooler than the other rooms in the house. 

8. Shut off all technology.  Eliminate excess light from your room, including the TV. Even if you think the TV helps you doze off, light from the TV and other sources (like tablets and smartphones), can interfere with your brain's ability to achieve the all-important REM sleep you need to awake feeling refreshed. 

9. No napping!  If you are having trouble sleeping at night, don't try to compensate with even a short nap during the day. You will not be able to achieve sleep easily at night unless your body is tired and ready to rest. 

10. Sleep on a water pillow! The Water Pillow by Medilfow is clinically proven to reduce neck pain and improve sleep. Not only is it fully adjustable to any desired level of comfort, but it also provides responsive support as you sleep.  No more waking to fill and stuff when you change sleeping positions. Buy now

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